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"In early November I noticed the onset of carpal tunnel symptoms with numbness in the first two fingers of my right hand. I dreaded the thought of a surgical solution since my wife had gone through carpal tunnel surgery several years before. I had heard that Duncan Chiropractic claimed to be able to help with carpal tunnel but I was very skeptical. In mid-December, with my symptoms worsening, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying. Six weeks later I'm very happy to report that my symptoms are completely gone! Dr. Duncan and his staff really DO know what they're doing and have made a real believer of me." -Bill M (Hamburg Twp.)

"Last year I started experiencing neck pains and throbbing headaches. My pain became so severe that I could not even move my head completely to one side. To make it through the day I was depending more and more on Motrin. I experienced a noticeable difference with my first adjustment and have been completely free of neck pain and headaches for about 3 months. I always look forward to my next visit with Dr. Duncan and my massage therapists. They have truly made a huge difference in my life." -Chris M (Brighton, MI)

"I had suffered for months with the bulging disc that the neurologist told me couldn't be fixed. The pain medication he gave me didn't stop the neck pain, migraines, or numbness. My one trip has eliminated all of my symptoms. I am back to normal. You are amazing!" -Charlie M (Fort Worth, IN)

"I had a pinched nerve in my neck and carpal tunnel in my wrist. After a couple visits the pain went away and I was feeling much better. My overall experience was great and I would recommend Duncan Chiropractic Group to anyone" -Justin F (Pinckney, MI)

"Two summers ago I was suffering from 3-4 migraine headaches per week. I saw two different neurologists and was started on several different prescriptions for prevention and treatment of my migraines - none of which worked - so I would wind up in the emergency room for pain relief because they were so debilitating. None of the doctors could figure out what was causing them or do anything to stop them. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Duncan and, after analyzing my x-rays and test results from the initial visit, he was able to see exactly why i was getting the headaches. I can't even begin to explain how overjoyed I was that someone finally had an answer! He set me on a course of treatment, and within a few weeks the headaches were gone completely, without the use of drugs." -Kim A (South Lyon, MI).

"My first visit to Dr. Duncan, I had tremendous back pain. I could hardly, walk, sit, stand, or even rest comfortably. I feel wonderful after my visits, and I can hardly wait for my next appointment. I can do so much more now. I am less tired, I have more energy, and my back feels great! The office has a professional friendly staff. I am always greeted with a positive attitude and a smile! The waiting room is nice and comfortable, but the "wait" is never long." -Fran Z (Howell, MI)

"When I first started going to Duncan Chiropractic Group I had constant pain in my lower back and down the back of my legs. After a few visits I started getting some relief. Dr. Duncan is very thorough and took the time to explain my condition and how he was going to treat me. He really helped me a lot and now I feel like my old self." -Brad J (Brighton, MI)

"My carpal tunnel and tingling in my hand and arm is almost all cured. I am really impressed with the results.... Dr. Duncan and his staff have been great. I would recommend them to anybody." -Thomas S (Brighton, MI)

"I came to Dr. Duncan seeking relief from a ‘pinched’ nerve in my neck. I have been treated by other chiropractors and found Dr. Duncan to have the gentlest method of adjusting my neck and back. With his state of the art techniques and equipment and exercises that I was encouraged to do at home, I have had a complete recovery from the tingling and numbness in my hand and arm. I am very satisfied with Dr. Duncan's care and the warm, friendly atmosphere of his office!" -Hope M (South Lyon, MI)

"I have had lower back pain for years, but never considered seeing a chiropractor. I had seen many doctors, but they all suggested surgery if the pain was severe enough and sustained. Back surgery did not seem like a pleasant option. Then I was referred by a friend to Doctor Duncan. The consultation and examination process was painless and he said he could fix my back. I was doubtful, but willing to try anything. Sure enough. the alignments and treatment completely straightened my back out. The massages weren’t too bad either. I am a whole new person. I can’t believe this tremendous chiropractic resource is located right here in Brighton Michigan. " -Jim M (Brighton, MI)