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Athletes Improve Performance With Chiropractic Care

SkeletonDr. George Traitses - September Issue

Weekend and professional athletes alike, take note: your chiropractor can be your best friend.

Says Dr. George I. Traitses, a chiropractor with his own private practice and who handles media liaison for the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA). "If your body is in the best physical shape it can be, not only will you reduce the risk of injury but you're bound to enhance your performance."

Some simple guidelines apply, according to Dr. Traitses, especially for those whose time for physical activity is limited.

1. Take it easy. Don't try to cram too much into a short period, especially without sufficient preparation, such as a good warm-up session. Pace yourself; engage in activities appropriate for your condition and age.

2. Know where you stand. A complete chiropractic structural health examination prior to joining the local team or taking up a new sport (such as golf or tennis) provides an opportunity to eliminate or at least reduce any structural imbalances that could cause health problems and impair performance.

3. Try to stay in shape all year round, not just during certain seasons or on weekends. Develop a maintenance exercise routine you can stick with during the off season.

4. Avoid fast starts and stops, twisting, unusual positions and jarring body contact. If you do injure yourself (even a pulled muscle) get treatment immediately.

Professional and elite athletes certainly take this advice seriously. Olympic and commercial sports teams frequently include a chiropractor on their medical teams as, increasingly, the athletes rely on chiropractors to help them perform at the top of their potential.

U.S. Olympic bobsled team member, Tim McCrossen -- also a doctor of chiropractic -- treated his fellow team-mates in Lillehammer in 1994. However, during the 1993 pre-Olympic tours, he was relieved to find that the Canadian team included a chiropractor who was willing to adjust him regularly.

"Chiropractic is the only health care discipline that works to enhance the function of the neuromusculoskeletal system (i.e. the interaction of the nervous system, muscles and bones), to assist the athlete in performing at the highest level possible," says Dr. Traitses.

In addition, chiropractic treats acute conditions on the spot in a way that nothing else can, and does so without the use of drugs or medication -- an important factor for Olympic athletes in particular.

Chiropractors are licensed as doctors, authorized to diagnose and treat conditions concerning the spine, muscle and nervous systems. Chiropractors work to promote optimal health and wellness through positive lifestyle changes. The OCA is a voluntary membership organization representing some 1,650 Ontario chiropractors. The objectives of the association include public education and research devoted to improving the quality of health care for the citizens of Ontario.