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What To Do About Your Mid-Back Pain

Dr. David Koivuranta - May Issue
Dr. David Koivuranta

The mid-back, the region between your shoulder blades, is an often overlooked part of the body. Yet, this area provides crucial support to your neck, head, shoulders, and arms. In this way, it creates the posture for your entire upper body. The great number of muscles, joints, nerves, and organs in this area of the body make finding the cause of any discomfort that might exist very important.

    Signs and symptoms of mid-back problems include:

  • A burning sensation in the area between the shoulder blades or wrapping around to the chest
  • Shortness of breath, asthma, pain with breathing
  • Tension across the shoulders, with or without headaches
  • Pain with bending or moving in different directions
  • Irritability, fidgeting, and poor posture

The causes of mid-back pain are many. The most common of these are neuromusculoskeletal (meaning they involve the nerves, joints, bones, and muscles in the area). Quite often, postural problems can create these underlying factors or can result from other conditions. The following are examples of situations that could cause mid-back problems:

  • The "student syndrome": desk work, computer work
  • Labour work: heavy lifting or use of the arms, especially working with the arms overhead
  • Standing: long periods on the feet with poor posture
  • Lung, heart, and other organ conditions
  • Tension, stress, fatigue, and other poor physical states

The mid-back is often just along for the ride in our spines. The neck and low-back are highly mobile regions while the mid-back is not as active at times. Regardless, because of the variety of causes of discomfort to this area and because of its continued importance in our bodies, any changes from normal should be pursued with interest. Doctors of Chiropractic are specially trained to deal with all aspects of spine, joint and nervous system problems in the body. Don´t let your mid-back be just middle of the houses your lifeline, the spinal cord, and deserves to be free of irritation. Have a check-up scheduled today!