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Even my Dad doesn't read this newsletter?

Dear Patients and Friends,

I had a family gathering this past weekend, and my aunt from Arkansas was telling me about how much she loves to read the newsletter... and my dad had a guilty look come over his face. Come to find out, he doesn't even read the newsletter I send out each month! Sometimes the ones closest to you are the ones that are the hardest to communicate with. If you have tried getting your friends and family in for care at our office, then you know exactly what I am talking about. To make it easier, you may want to forward them a newsletter or an article every once in a while...

When I get a newsletter, I typically put a star next to it in my inbox (or tag it in some way) and read it when I have time. Here is a picture of my father, the non-newsletter reader himself... A picture of my father, the non-newsletter reader himself.

I pulled that picture off his Facebook page... hopefully he is a fan of Duncan Chiropractic Group, because then he can always look at the wonderful newsletters that he has missed and keep up to date with current events at our office.

I will always post office updates in this first section, so AT LEAST read this section, and keep an eye out for events coming up this summer.
P.S. Love ya Dad!

Before I go, let me say a very special thank you for all of the referrals in May. Check out our loaded referral board!! April showers must bring May flowers and May referrals! We are very honored when you refer to us your friends and loved ones. So thank you again, and your referrals will always be given the V.I.P. treatment.

May Referrals

If we haven't seen you in a while, call or just stop in and we can get you back on track with your health. See ya soon.
Dr. Eric Duncan D.C