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Looking for the Cause Instead

Dr. Darrel Crain - January Issue

Unfortunately, the focus on treating symptoms persists in its wastefulness and taking its human toll.

For example, how does medicine address heart disease, the number one killer in this country? Drugs are prescribed to lower blood pressure and to lower cholesterol. There are operations to bypass clogged arteries, procedures to open up clogged arteries.

The drugs are expensive and sometimes deadly, the procedures are risky, have questionable benefit, and are doomed ultimately to fail. Why? Because the cause of the problem is never addressed.

Can you imagine if the drug companies came up with a drug that cuts blood cholesterol levels in half in only a week, and drastically lowers blood pressure within a few days, all without any adverse reactions? It would be headline news, and the advertising blitz for such an amazing drug would be unprecedented.

And yet, this is just what many clinicians across the country are achieving every day, without using any drugs. They are simply focusing on the cause of the problem.

Heart disease is an entirely preventable and largely reversible disease. Heart disease and cancer, in the vast majority of cases, are the direct result of what people eat, and what their bad habits are.

Just Another Miracle Cure
The cause of the vast majority of heart disease in North America is a diet rich in cholesterol, saturated fat and highly refined simple carbohydrates, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. It has been named 'Sedentary Death Syndrome' in the medical literature.

Physicians today are helping their patients achieve "miracle cures" from heart disease on a daily basis by simply eliminating animal products from their diets, and beginning an exercise program.

This is not exactly rocket science, and yet the elegant simplicity of addressing the cause of the problem is slow to catch on. If you stop putting into the body the substances that stick to the walls of the arteries and cause all the trouble, the troubles vanish in a hurry, particularly if you begin burning exercising.

Once again, the so-called miracle is the simple ability of the body to maintain health, if there is no interference. The body melts away the interference, in this case the animal cholesterol and fats built up on artery walls as plaque.

The list of diseases that can be attributed to the American diet includes most of the ones at the top of the list of what's killing us in this country. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is rich in animal proteins and fats, and refined carbohydrates.

Heart disease, adult onset diabetes, stroke, obesity and osteoporosis, to name a few, are all diseases that largely result from what we eat, and how we don't exercise. The evidence is well known and widely published. Further proof is evident with the many people who move to the U.S. from other countries and promptly develop these American diseases once they adopt the Standard American Diet.