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Chasing Symptoms Leads Down the Wrong Path

Dr. Darrel Crain - January Issue

Focusing on symptoms has led medical practitioners down many false paths.

For example, in the past doctors worked to lower fevers, but now it is widely known that fevers play an important and positive role in immune function.

Remember when just about everybody had their tonsils taken out? For many years tonsils were promptly removed simply because they were red, swollen and painful, as if they were causing the infection and not just doing their job. That was before tonsils were recognized as important elements of our immune system.

Looking for the Cause Instead
Unfortunately, the focus on treating symptoms persists in its wastefulness and taking its human toll.

For example, how does medicine address heart disease, the number one killer in this country? Drugs are prescribed to lower blood pressure and to lower cholesterol. There are operations to bypass clogged arteries, procedures to open up clogged arteries.

The drugs are expensive and sometimes deadly, the procedures are risky, have questionable benefit, and are doomed ultimately to fail. Why? Because the cause of the problem is never addressed.

Can you imagine if the drug companies came up with a drug that cuts blood cholesterol levels in half in only a week, and drastically lowers blood pressure within a few days, all without any adverse reactions? It would be headline news, and the advertising blitz for such an amazing drug would be unprecedented.

And yet, this is just what many clinicians across the country are achieving every day, without using any drugs. They are simply focusing on the cause of the problem.

Heart disease is an entirely preventable and largely reversible disease. Heart disease and cancer, in the vast majority of cases, are the direct result of what people eat, and what their bad habits are.