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What we know about… Easing Back Pain? More Exercise Or Less? Weights Or Aerobics?

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Let's start this newsletter with an amazing display of some incredible psychic powers. How, you ask?

I'll tell you something about yourself, even if we have never met. Are you ready?

Ok, here it goes: You have suffered from back pain. And, not only have you suffered from back pain, your back pain has been a problem for quite a while and you are afraid it will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Pretty accurate statement... isn't it?

Of course it's accurate - but it has nothing to do with psychic powers. Although "psychics" use this very technique to... Fool People Every Day!

What you have just read is a truism. A truism is something that is true for a majority of people. In this case, statistics show 80% of people in North America will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

Not only that, for 85% of these back pain sufferers, the pain will be chronic.

That being said, there are things you can do to ease and possibly relieve back pain so you are not just another statistic.

One thing, of course, is Chiropractic care. Studies have shown Chiropractic care to be effective (and cost effective) in the treatment of many cases of back pain and it is clearly a great option for many back pain sufferers.

It is wise for back pain sufferers to consult a Chiropractor to find out if Chiropractic care can help and to see what their options are.

Besides Chiropractic, recent research reveals some important things about easing back pain you probably do not know - but should you use... Weights Or Aerobics

To Ease Back Pain?

"People who use weight training to ease their low back pain are better off than those who choose other forms of exercise such as jogging, according to a University of Alberta study", as reported in a December 16, 2009 article in Science Daily.

"The study, done in conjunction with the University of Regina, showed a 60 percent improvement in pain and function levels for people with chronic backaches who took part in a 16-week exercise program of resistance training using dumbbells, barbells and other load-bearing exercise equipment.

"In contrast, people who chose aerobic training such as jogging, walking on a treadmill, or using an elliptical machine to ease their back pain only experienced a 12 percent improvement, said Robert Kell, an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus."

Researchers believe they achieve better pain management results with resistance training because they are using a whole body approach. On the contrary, aerobics training generally works just the lower body. More Exercise Or Less?

According to a University of Alberta study, if you suffer with low back pain, you should exercise MORE, not less.

In the study, 240 men and women with chronic back pain who exercised four days a week had 28% less pain and 36% less disability, while those who exercised two or three days a week did not see this change.

Amazing what a day or two in the gym can do, isn't it?

The study showed working with WEIGHTS four days a week provided the greatest amount of pain relief and quality of life improvement.

An important note: "Working with weights" is a very relative term. Before you start any exercise program, you should see a qualified doctor for a pre-workout examination. And, all workouts should be designed to suite your individual case and needs. (We are trained to assist you in this.)

Now for some great benefits of exercise, besides your aching back...

How Athletes Stimulate An Anti-Aging Effect on The Cellular Level!

According to the Journal of the American Heart Association , new research shows exercise by professional athletes triggers anti-aging in heart muscle cells - which has a protective effect against aging of the cardiovascular system.

In technical terms: Telomeres are DNA that protect the two ends of chromosomes from damage. Imagine the ends of a shoelace. The telomere is like the end of the shoelace that protects the lace from fraying; the end caps. Telomeres have a shortening mechanism that limit the number of divisions a cell can undergo. This basically defines the life of the cell.

Telomeres gradually shorten from cell division and this shortening leads to aging on the cellular level.

The study found physical exercise by professional athletes leads to the activation of the enzyme telomerase.

Telomerase is important because it stabilizes telomere.

Author of the study, Ulrich Laufs, says, "This is direct evidence of an anti-aging effect of physical exercise. Physical exercise could prevent the aging of the cardiovascular system, reflecting this molecular principle."

The study examined 32 professional runners from the German National Track and Field Team. Their average age was 20 and their average running distance was 45 miles per week. The study also examined 51 year olds who had a history of continuous endurance exercise since youth, with an average running distance of 50 miles per week.

Will The Wii Fit® Video Game make your family "fit?"

Wii Fit® may be a lot of fun... but according to a new study - just having "fit" in the title doesn't mean it has anything to do with actual fitness... at least for the entire family. A University of Mississippi study shows the game has little effect on family fitness. The study analyzed 8 families who had a Wii Fit for 3 months. The data showed the children had a significant increase in aerobic fitness, but none of the other fitness factors were increased and fitness was not increased for the family as a whole.

And don't forget, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your health talk to us. Contact us with your questions. We're here to help and don't enjoy anything more than participating in your lifelong good health.