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"The Year In Review and Bahamas Raffle?"

Dr. John Zimmerman - December Issue

Dear Patients and Friends,

The Catch

It's pretty simple, we are holding a raffle on my birthday (May 3rd), and picking a lucky winner for airfare and a four day three night stay. How do you get a raffle ticket? Keep talking about us, keep telling your friends and family. Most of you do this already, so JUST DON'T STOP. Every time you refer someone to our office you will receive a ticket that goes into the raffle... well for the first one. For the second one you'll receive an additional 2 tickets, for the 3rd one you'll receive an additional 4 tickets, and for the fourth one you'll receive an additional 8 tickets, etc.

The Fastest Way For 5 Tickets

Many people don't know who to choose for a chiropractor, so most go to the internet. So, here is our shameless bribe. The two biggest search sites are Google and Yahoo. Just type in "chiropractor brighton mi" (without the quotes), click on our place page, and review our office. Give us a call after you do this, so we will be able to identify that it was your review (most people just put their first name and last initial). Boom! 5 tickets for the raffle. By giving us a positive review, you will be helping people become pain free by choosing our office. Some people are scared to go to a chiropractor with fears that they may have to "see them forever" or whatever else, and by positive reviews or success stories, they make an educated choice to come and see how we are different.

Rules of the contest will be posted in our office by Jan 3rd, I have to let my staff know that we are doing this first! HA! They just love when I do this to them ;)

All of you have a great rest of the year, and lets GO BIG in 2011!